Technology interests: Quote to Cash / ERP space, good architectures, platforms, integrations, losely coupled design, logical separation of processes, parallelism, Mongo/map-reduce, scaling, funky trading robots, VR.

I work at Sage. I work in the Salesforce / Zuora niche: Over 6 years experience of Zuora, Certified Scrum Master, Certified Salesforce Administrator/Developer, Zuora Certified Solution Architect.

Piles of programming experience, development management, systems administration etc.
Mike Martin
Mike Martin

In case you visit this site by chance and wonder why it's being used for my personal site and why didn't I write my own website? Well the code underneath was written by about 10 people, a team effort of which I was part of, and proud of.

Mike Martin
Mike Martin

Great to see StatAd launch:

StatAd - Home

StatAd - Home

With the StatAd Insights you gain instant access to a powerful, easy to use analytics dashboard. Understand which parts of your website are performing best, and to who, with the touch of a button. See which users are sharing the most and how their social ...

Mike Martin
Mike Martin

Looking forward to watching the Steve Jobs keynote today. Hoping that iCloud will be more than just a rebranded MobileMe with iTunes cloud storage.

Mike Martin
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Some MHEG+ code

Here's some MHEG+ code that will blow your mind.

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Consultant Technologist.

Consultant with over 5 years of experience in Zuora, Certified Scrum Master, Certified Salesforce Administrator, Zuora Certified Solution Architect.

We're here to help your business win. Our track record with FTSE 100 leading companies and small business speaks for itself. If your business requires a sensible and reliable approach to improving or ground-up implementing Subscription Billing technologies, talk to us. We'd be delighted to help.

Previous experience:
  • Astadia Consulting UK Limited
  • Experian Marketing Services (formerly Techlightenment, an Experian company)
  • SocialGO Plc, wrote various features for v2 and v1, including payments systems, key employee and contributor to technical operations.
  • Gobisoft Ltd.
  • M-Audio / Evolution Electronics Ltd.

Twitter: @michaeljmartin