About Me

Business Systems Consultant, Technical Architect, Development Manager working in London, currently for MJM Associates Consulting, my company.

Company is aimed at the Salesforce / Zuora niche: Over 10+  years experience of Zuora, Certified Scrum Master, Certified Salesforce Administrator/Developer, Zuora Certified Solution Architect.

Piles of programming experience, development management, systems administration etc.

Previous experience:

  • Sage Global Services Ltd / Sage Pay / Sage Software UK
  • Astadia Consulting UK Limited
  • Experian Marketing Services (formerly Techlightenment, an Experian company)
  • SocialGO Plc, wrote various features for v2 and v1, including payments systems, key employee and contributor to technical operations.
  • Gobisoft Ltd.
  • M-Audio / Evolution Electronics Ltd.

Big proponent of “the Cloud”, micro services, doing stuff properly, Scrum and agile methodologies.

I like attending tech events, concerts and occasionally composing music, creating integration between disparate systems.

I enjoy stable, nice code, stable systems, stuff that works, people who care about doing things properly when they’re making stuff that works, scalability, technology.

At the heart of great software design, development and services is the user experience. I work for companies who care about user experience from start to finish, from the CEO right through to network technicians, support and administration. The more customers rave about how great the products we provide are, the greater the revenue we can make, the happiest everyone is.